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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  March 31, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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assaye was under observation at inova fairfax after a suicide attempt several days ago at the alexandria city jail where he was facing charges related to 12 bank robberies throughout northern virginia. assaye somehow managed to get loose, take the gun of the female security officer watching him and then fled the hospital through a stairwell and the entire hospital and neighboring area went on lockdown. police say assaye then snuck into the trunk of a car at a nearby apartment complex. the car's owner later got inside. while driving to work was shot. to find assaye kicking in the back seat from the trunk. she was able to get out with minor injuries. assaye carjacking the vehicle later found abandoned with the gun inside. now, after being on foot for a little while, assaye then allegedly carjacked another vehicle from residents on cherry lane in annandale as a massive search continued then on the ground and in the air for two hours. and around 11:30, someone spotted assaye in southeast washington where the arrest finally took place. we spoke with the man who
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witnessed the initial carjacking. >> this lady comes running in hysterical, hyperventilating and said help me! help me! someone is in my car and i was like what happened? jeff: so many questions for law enforcement still remain about exactly what happened today. what assaye did and said during the time that he was missing as well as how he ended up in the district of columbia. his next court appearance is tentatively scheduled for friday. live in alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. alison: ok jeff. as you know the search for assaye ended just before noon when d.c. police arrested him near pennsylvania avenue and 25th street in southeast d.c. stephen tschida was at the scene shortly after the arrest and he is there live now with how assaye got there and who spotted him. stephen? stephen: alison still some questions, confusion and uncertainties about just what went down but we can tell you we were here on the scene just
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moments after the arrest was made. it went down right here at this intersection and also we have some video of what it looked like all of the police officers converged on this intersection and the pedestrians who watched it happen. now, we do know that a passenger on a metro bus called 911. that passenger spotted assaye and that's what led to the arrest. we also talked with some pedestrians who saw it all happen. >> we came out the door and saw the police and saw them they had a guy up against the car. but the guy was walking down the street like he was you know, a regular resident. reporter: we do understand at this time, officials with metro are reviewing surveillance video from a metro bus trying to determine if assaye was on the metro bus. it was there that the passengers spotted him or whether the passenger just spotted him on the street and then called 911 but we can tell you in this neighborhood, a lot of relieved
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people that this suspect is off the street tonight. reporting live stephen tschida abc 7 news. alison: relief all over the region stephen. thank you. and we are learning more about wossen assaye's lengthy criminal background. he spent nearly 13 years behind bars from 2000 to 2013. that was for burglary and robbery in alexandria. also assaye was on probation in arlington county. and then nearly two weeks ago, he was arrested for an armed bank robbery at the apple federal credit union in fairfax county. he is also a suspect in 11 other bank robberies in northern virginia including the one you're seeing right here on surveillance video. in fact, in this robbery, the suspect got away on a bicycle. leon: a private security firm was transporting assaye at the time of his escape. alison: and now it's leading to some questions about just what went wrong here. suzanne kennedy continues our team coverage live from inova fairfax hospital where this all started. suzanne? suzanne: well, leon and alison
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the prisoner had been here since friday since attempting suicide at the alexandria jail for the first 24 hours he was under the watchful eye of the alexandria's sheriff's department. deputies watched him for 24 hours. after that he was the responsibility of a california based company called allied protective services. as he had two private guards detailed to him since saturday everything started to unfold here overnight when one of two guards walked to the men's room and the second guard who assaye overpowered taking her weapon. male guard then fired a shot. but the prisoner still escaped. >> it was an end unit an end room. after the initial shot was fired, he walked down the hallway with the -- from our understanding, with the female contract guard sort of as a shield.
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suzanne: here's what else we know. the prisoner was on a hospital gurney. we understand from the u.s. marshal's office that he was in restraints. they aren't certain, though, whether both his arms and his legs were in shackles. the hospital tells us that they followed the protocol of whatever agency the prisoner is in be it federal or local to watch this prisoner. and in this case at this hospital, there is no locked unit on which the prisoner is held. reporting live at inova fairfax hospital, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. alison: we remind you to stay with abc 7 and for my new developments in this investigation. our live team coverage will continue tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. leon: believe it or not, this isn't the only chase in the area. the chase was unrelated for the escape of a prisoner. it hit several other cars and
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the driver of that car was lakisha tracy. she had only outstanding warrants in arlington county for credit card theft and identity theft. alison: let's turn to the weather now and looking live outside, we want to know if you'll have an umbrella handy if you're heading out tonight. leon: some can see showers this evening. standing by in the stormwatch weather center. rain moving in tonight, doug. doug: let's take you high above the belfort furniture weather center and looking towards the east. it's a bright line in the horizon because the heavier cloudiness is moving in from the north and the west. along that to the north and the west. close to the metro area still gusty winds out of the southwest. very mild winds. higher elevations west of the
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area shaded in tan and wind advisory and wind gusts to 50 miles an hour. here's the rain on doppler radar continuing to move ahead of a cold front. move fairly quickly through the area this evening. by late tonight towards midnight it should be long gone and we'll see temperatures turn noticeably colder, though. if we hang in with this forecast towards the weekend and easter sunday, good weather news. i'll share that shortly. leon: ok the f.b.i. has identified a man killed in a shooting near the n.s.a. ricky hall and a male passenger were dressed as women and inside a stolen car when they tried to go through the gate near the n.s.a. without authorization. an officer told the driver to turn around. instead, the driver hit the gas and sped towards a police car and that's when police opened fire killing hall. the passenger is being treated at a hospital tonight. an n.s.a. police officer was treated for injuries and released from the hospital. alison?
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alison: major developments tonight in negotiations to keep iran from building nuclear weapons. within just the last hour a midnight deadline to end the talks was just extended. senior political reporter scott thuman has been monitoring the talks and joins us live from our capitol hill bureau now. hi, scott. scott: hi alison. many lawmakers here on the hill said if iran can't agree to something by that midnight deadline and that's in switzerland, swiss time so just about two hours from now, that it should face very swift, very strict repercussions in the form of sanctions but tonight, the white house and the state department saying hold off. that answer though essentially a standby with talks set to be productive negotiators ignored their self-imposed midnight deadline. >> fact is if we are making progress towards the finish line we should keep going. scott: there are sticking points over where stockpiles of already enriched uranium should be
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stored, limits on the research and timing and scope of sanctions and here at home, debate over who should have final say. president obama or congress? a pew research poll shows the majority of americans want the hill to sign off a deal. virginia senator mark warner ratchetting up the pressure today saying "i consistently have said that congress must have the opportunity to review any proposed deal and i believe the corker-menendez legislation provides the appropriate avenue for congress to weigh in." >> i don't think it's going to be a deal at all. scott: skeptics abound doubtful any substantive deal can be reached with an agents who has so long adopted an us against them world mentality. >> iran is going to be developing into a nuclear power and create all the bad things they thought they were going to create. i do not think that the united states can do much.
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scott: keep in mind these negotiations have been going on for a year. they've been extended twice. if something substantive doesn't happen within the next 24 hours or so you can expect louder calls on capitol hill for those newer, harsher sanctions. roaring inging inging -- reporting live on capitol hill scott thuman, abc 7 news. alison: mayor muriel bowser has banned all publicly funded travel to indiana because of that state's controversial religious freedom law. opponents say the law allows discrimination against gays and lesbians. supporters, though argue it keeps business owners from violating their religious beliefs. new york, washington state, connecticut, they all have issued similar bans. indiana lawmakers say they are working on changes to the law to make it clear that discrimination is not allowed. leon: new information about the co-pilot of that plane that crashed in alps last week. german airline lufthansa says that andreas lubitz informed his flight school in 2009 that he had a serious depresssive
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episode much the airline says the note detailing that information was found in e-mails that lubitz sent to the flight school when he resumed his training after that eruption. they say he flew the germanwings flight into a mountain killing everyone on the board. the tragedy in the french alps has prompted lufthansa to cancel its 60th anniversary celebrations. airline had planned to host an event on april 15th but now they plan to show instead coverage of the official state memorial service held on the 17th of april. alison: in just about an hour d.c. mayor muriel bowser will deliver her first state of the district address. the speech is the final event in the mayor's pathways to middle class tour. it's a week long effort to highlight ways that her administration is creating pathways to the middle class for the district residents. you can watch that speech live on our sister station, newschannel 8. leon: coming up here on abc 7 news at 4:00 former f.b.i. agent charged with stealing drugs has appeared in court.
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we're live in northwest washington. alison: the state has rested its case in the marathon bombing trial. how many witnesses were called and when closing arguments are set to begin. leon: a mother has been charged with abandoning her child. shocking place that police say the mother told her daughter to spend the night alone.
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leon: security preparations are under way in indianapolis ahead of the men's final four this weekend. right now a police command hub is being set up to monitor the key areas. mobile units surveillance cameras and extra security will be all around lucas oil stadium and white river state park. thousands of people are expected to flood the city for the games and the ncaa march madness music festival. >> it's a free event so it's important to us obviously the security is a little bit more than there would be inside the stadium because you have to have a ticket to get inside the stadium. leon: watching the big crowds on the ground isn't the only security concern. security officials are also going to have the national weather service embedded with them to monitor any weather-related public safety issues. alison: all right. let's talk about the university of maryland's women's basketball team. of course, as we know by now they're making plans for the final four.
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leon: that's right. last night the team beat tennessee to advance all the way to the final four. sports director tim brandt here. what a game that was last night. tim: what a game indeed. you and i yelling in the hallways. they won it all in 2006 and play top ranked uconn sunday night in tampa. the maryland women's basketball team were back home today and arrived at 9:00 this morning and believe me they didn't get much sleep on that red eye after beating tennessee and winning the spokane regional final. as a matter of fact, they bought that championship home. brendan frese going back to the final four. as the final seconds ticked away, the celebration begins. twins first ones to get to her. moment made extra special. this young maryland team that has far exceeded everyone's expectations moves on. this team has come together as a family. there's love and trust and it begins with brenda frese who sets her own priorities with family first. >> there's not a better feeling in life you know, to be able to have you know my husband and
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you know everything he's done to my family. my family back in iowa watching and my whole extended family here in maryland and that's why you're in it. i mean you know when i'm old and gray i'm not going to remember, you know too many games. i'm going to remember the relationships, the people my assistant coaches. i mean the job they've done this season. has just been incredible and we want to share these moments with everyone. tim: brenda frese what a perspective and now to keep things in perspective, her reward for winning that title is moving on to play uconn. leon: oh! look out! tim: don't count them out. leon: never count her out. all she does is win. that's why she's winda frese. alison: super mom. let's check our traffic situation. jamie sullivan is here with that. hi there, jamie. jamie: good afternoon. we'll start off with a wind warning. this is in effect at the bay bridge. especially if you have bigger vehicles, keep that in mind and
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then some spots a little bit wet this afternoon. i want to begin though with an accident and debris. this is in the clearing stages. we're seeing a lot of slowing. this is going to be on the outer loop of the beltway near leesburg pike. let's take a live look to show you the area near the american legion bridge and how much volume we really are seeing. this is our traffic on the outer loop and the inner loop. so again, we've got volume. let's talk about the traffic lights malfunctioning now. this is going to be a little bit closer to the d.c. area. we've got it 20th street northwest to k street northwest. also traffic lights malfunctioning at 21st northwest and pennsylvania avenue. make sure to treat it as a four way stop. as we pull out a little bit, i want to show you the slowing that's going to be mainly on d.c. 295 heading out of the city from the 11th street bridge continuing close to her the baltimore-washington parkway. but as far as slow traffic, we're seeing it in the normal spots. again, just that crash on the outer loop. but it is in the clearing stages. that's a look at traffic. back to you. leon: all right.
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thanks, jamie. alison: let's check the weather. it started out beautiful. doug: temperatures warmed up. had a nice breeze. real feel of spring. now, let's start with the rooftop camera high above the studios here in arlington looking off to the east and southeast. a lot of heavy clouds moving in and rain drops reported on the camera from time to time. steve rudin is 30 stories below that camera shot outside of that building. any rain drops on the street level? steve: a little bit out there right now. not a whole lot. people are walking around without umbrellas but you'll definitely need the umbrella over the next half-hour to 45 minutes. look at the temperature outside. reagan national airport, 70 degrees. not so bad. we started the day off with lots of sunshine. now the sun has quickly faded. temperatures across the board even cooler offer to the north and west of us. look at cumberland maryland at 66 degrees. 66 in petersburg. fredricksburg, the warmest spot now at 74 and, of course annapolis only at 48. that's because of the cooler breeze off the cooler waters of the chesapeake bay.
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we do have rain on the way. let's head inside. doug is tracking the showers and what to expect the rest of the evening and into the overnight. doug: thanks steve. live doppler giving us a good look at the bands of showers that are developing ahead of the cold front moving in. for the moment it's fairly mild spring showers. but as the winds turn direction northwest, we'll get rain and falling temperatures. so you're headed out this evening. dinner show whatever. take an umbrella and jacket. it will get cooler with the rain. good news is it's moving steadily along. at least we're not in pennsylvania and parts of new york state where it's falling as snow. we're in the warm zone here. it will push through the region and be out of here later tonight in clearing skies. there's a little batch of colder air in the lower 40's. not bitterly cold. that will take a swipe as it moves out. look what's upstream for us. 75 in st. louis. 80 little rock. 73 in asheville and slowly, this air will move in our direction later in the week. tomorrow, we'll be in a cooler air mass today instead of hitting 70 like we have so far
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we will like 55 to 57 degrees. then, warming to 70 degrees we think for the day on thursday and maybe even warmer than that into friday. even more showers will be coming in. our futurecast shows clouds clearing by 11:00 tonight. clear skies sunshine through the morning. sunshine through the day tomorrow. a little cooler, though and late wednesday night, few clouds appear and then get into thursday. then we clear right back out and that's when the warmup will begin, when the warmer air starts moving from the south and west. for tonight, the rain ends and we'll see some clearing skies, bringing in colder air. 37 for the average overnight temperature. through the day tomorrow, sunshine and temperatures in the 50's. for the next seven days here's what we got. temperatures getting back to 70 degrees with sunshine on thursday and even though clouds have been increasing with a high likelihood of rain developing on friday, lower 70's will turn cooler with a rain ending midday by saturday. clearing with a breeze in the
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afternoon. look at sunday and get into monday for the nats, 64 and sunshine. maybe more showers on tuesday. alison: perfect! doug: could it be that winter is actually over? leon: it may be but we're still paying the price for it in some cases. check this out. montgomery county's school year is now going to end on monday june 15th, a day later than planned. that follows the approval of a state waiver forgiving the school district for two instructional days. final day of classes will be an early release day. the schedule for final exams will be pushed back a day. alison: sugarland star kristian bush is promoting a solo project and giving fans a chance to win a v.i.p. experience with him at a concert in atlanta. you'll get to spend a day with him in his studio. to enter, go to you have until april 12th to enter and good luck! well tuition is increasing at another university in virginia.
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coming up at 4:00, find out where and how much more students will have to pay. leon: we have bad news for drivers. you thought so. it felt like it. it's true. a new survey shows the commute to and from work are getting worse. tell you ways to make the drive a little smoothe
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leon: a lot of people in the
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marathon bombing trial. diane cho is at our live desk tonight and have the details on this case. diane: the defense called four witnesses before resting their case today. attorneys are trying to quinn the jury that his older brother tamerlan was the mastermind behind the attacks that killed three people and injured more than 260 others in 2013. in an attempt to try to save him from the death penalty. this after defense attorneys admitted that tsarnaev participated in the bombings but the jury heard from an analyst that suggested he wasn't there when tamerlan bought the components for the bombs used in the attacks. prosecutors wrapped up their case on monday after calling 90 witnesses over 15 days of testimony. closing arguments are set to begin on monday. in the newsroom diane cho, abc 7 news. leon: thanks diane. still ahead, new details on a former jet blue pilot that caused a commotion leading to an emergency
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leon: a prince george's county police officer has been suspended following an incident that investigators happened when an officer occurred off duty. it stems from a lawsuit filed in the county accusing stewart of hazing during an incident with the kappa alpha psi fraternity. prince george's county police department says an internal
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investigation is under way. alison: and an investigation, leon, is under way into an overnight police chase. it resulted in gunfire. police tell us the driver took off during a traffic stop. he drove towards an officer who was just outside his cruiser. the officer fired his gun but did not hit him. the chase ended in marlow heights where the suspect clipped a police cruiser. he was arrested after crashing into a tree. leon: beautiful day today outside. really did feel like spring. of course, can't last for long, right? alison: no we're getting for some rain after nice sunshine earlier today. doug hill, our chief meteorologist is there with the latest. doug? doug: hi there, rain is moving into parts of the area right now. still comfortable temperatures. let's give you a look at the live doppler radar. no thunderstorms yet. but we do have the possibility of an isolated rumble of thunder as the rain associated with the cold front continues to move from northwest and southeast. that's from upper left to lower
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right-hand side of the screen if you're playing at home. more showers to deal with later tonight. the gusty winds have been bringing in warm air. gust of 31 at the airport in manassas. 21-mile-per-hour gusts at reagan national. 49-mile-per-hour gust at winchester at the airport there. not godfrey airport. that's at leesburg in winchester. that's where the win shifts so the cold front is coming through winchester as we speak. air temperature is still comfortable butly cooler air lags behind the temperatures drop in the 30's behind the front. we have the answers coming up a few minutes from now. alison? alison: thank you. a former jet blue pilot is now suing the airline for nearly $50 million. clayton osbonn scared passengers with yelling about terrorists and bombs in the incident.
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his co-pilot had to make an emergency landing. he says jet blue should have kept from flying after he showed signs of mental illness. a judge found him not guilty of criminal charges by reason of insanity. leon: a discouraging news now for you drivers out there. a new survey finds that the commute to and from work, yes, it is getting worse. alison: oh boy. karen shows us some of the cities with the most congested commutes and how to make the drive a bit smoother. karen: if you've ever wondered how much time you spend each year stuck in traffic on the way home from the office the answer is about 168 hours. for those counting that's one solid week. that's according to an annual study by g.p.s. maker tom-tom that looked at morning and evening commutes in 200 cities around the globe. here in the u.s., the worst five cities for traffic congestion los angeles, san francisco, honolulu, new york and seattle. and as much as workers hate it employers aren't thrilled about it either. >> not good for employers either because, of course, the productivity goes down. people are already exhausted
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from white knuckle commuting into work or they're late. nobody is happy about that and everyone is less productive from it. karen: for those looking for a silver lining that increase in traffic means more people are working. >> you can see the cities in the u.s. where the economy is really going well. you can see that reflected in the congestion levels for better or for worse, of course. karen: cities that relieved tom of their rush hour congestion from last year are benefitting from things like bike lanes, retiming signals and working with major employers to stagger the work day. not everyone is on the road at once. employees who can't make their time more flexible can try different routes, real time apps that keep tabs on traffic and public transportation where available. i'm karen kaffa. leon: in case you were wondering, d.c. came in ninth on that list of the most congested commutes. alison: all right. well, a new metro station in alexandria's growing potomac yard community is one step closer to reality. a federal environmental impact study says the project would spur economic development and
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boost transit. the station which would connect to metro's yellow and blue lines between the braddock road and ronald reagan national airport station, virginia governor terry mcauliffe already announced a $50 million loan for that planned station. leon: arlington county leaders are exploring the idea of accepting advertising on arlington transit buses and at bus stops. as inside nova previously reported the arlington county board member brought up this idea yesterday. he tweeted the county manager. we'll take a look at the idea. they're placing ads on art, transit stations and bike share could contribute to revenue for the county. alison: tuition is going up at virginia tech. undergraduate tuition and fees are rising nearly 4%. that's about $468 more a year. in-state graduate students will pay an extra $531. it's even more if you're out of state. at $1,097. room and board also increased nearly 4%.
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a mother is in jail charged with a despicable crime. coming up where she's accused of abandoning her 7-year-old daughter for up to 10 hours. leon: and using a bit of creativity to save her own life. what one woman did in an effort to find a kidney donor. stay with us.
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alison: a mother in dallas is charged with abandoning her 7-year-old daughter. leon: yes. according to court documents, the little girl told police that her mother told her to get into a dumpster and that's where she spent the night by herself. here's the report. reporter: new surveillance video shows alicia carroll and her 7-year-old daughter checking in at kings spa saturday for an evening of fun in the indoor pool. manager hong kim says everything seemed fine. >> the employee remember they have a lot each other and the mother has a really good relationship. reporter: surveillance video shows carroll and her daughter in yellow clothing at the right of your screen leaving just after 9:15 saturday night. the manager says the mother was intoxicated. carroll told police she left her daughter with a friend who refused to return her. but the arrest affidavit tells a different story about what
4:39 pm
happened when they left. it was near this wooded area and creek. court documents say the 7-year-old girl told police she and her mother were walking when suddenly they started running. her mother said to get in the dumpster. because police were chasing them. the girl told police her mother helped her get in here. and police said she stayed here for 10 hours. by herself. police say they found the little girl walking back to kings spa sunday morning after climbing out of the dumpster on her own. investigators say she was filthy hungry and thirsty with scrapes on her arms and legs. >> physically, she was fine. i think she was scared. people report she was very frightened. she didn't know where she was. she had been told by her mother to hide in this dumpster. reporter: the manager said carroll returned sunday morning looking for her daughter and called police when she couldn't find her. >> yeah i have two daughters. i cannot believe this happened. leon: that was jack sink
4:40 pm
reporting. alicia carroll remains in the dallas county jail and her daughter is now staying with relatives. up next on abc 7 news at 4:00 the pushback continues from a controversial new law in indiana. what the governor plans to do now to ease concerns about discrimination against the lgbt community. >> that broke my heart honestly. and it really made me feel a lot of shame. alison: a mom's apology on facebook goes viral. what led to the post and how it led to a special meeting in person.
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alison: a former f.b.i. agent who is charged with stealing drugs appeared in a federal courtroom today. matthew lowry has been charged with more than 60 counts including possession of heroin. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live in northwest d.c. with details from this hearing. sam? sam: alison 33-year-old matthew lowry pleaded guilty to all 64 counts of obstruction of justice, of conversion of government property, that is seized heroin to his own personal use and of possession
4:44 pm
of the illegal drug heroin. so the former f.b.i. agent was criminal defendant in federal court. he admitted that he was busted -- he was busting drug dealers and then confiscating the heroin and using it himself. according to the court documents, he kept used heroin in his car and used it mixed in a filler to make up for the weight difference before turning it in. changed labels on evidence bags and this caused the government to have to dismiss cases against 28 defendants. he was discovered by fellow f.b.i. agents last september in southeast d.c. high on heroin in his f.b.i. car. his attorney said lowry had been in treatment since then. he's out -- still out on his own recognizance until sentencing. he spoke with reporters as he left the court today. >> today, i'm going to court for criminal acts of misconduct that i committed while trying to handle my pain medication addiction. i just want to apologize.
4:45 pm
i know it's wrong but my actions especially to my family. sam: he faces seven years in prison. if he accepts the plea deal between him and the u.s. attorney's office as it turns out, it was handled by the u.s. attorney in philadelphia because the u.s. attorney here was so close to him. so this case will be -- the sentencing will take place on june 29th. reporting live from u.s. district court sam ford, abc 7 news. leon: thanks, sam. as d.c.'s mayor bans government travel to indiana, we're getting more outrage today from other states, individuals and corporations all of it focusing on indiana's new religious freedom law. alison: as marcy gonzalez reports, indiana's governor wants to see a new and improved bill on his desk by the end of the week. marcy: today the indiana governor mike pence vowing to "fix" the controversial religious freedom act which
4:46 pm
opponents say legalizes discrimination by protecting business owners allowing them to turn away gays lesbians and other customers if they feel serving them infringes on their religious beliefs. >> it would be helpful. i hope to move legislation this week that makes it clear that this law does not give businesses a right to deny services to anyone. marcy: the law leading to protests. >> absolutely not ok with it. marcy: and boycotts connecticut, washington state and now new york banning taxpayer funded travel to indiana. and ahead of the final four college basketball tournament in indianapolis this weekend -- >> clock is ticking! marcy: the ncaa headquartered in indiana is reconsidering its long-term investment there. >> we have to say all right, what are we going to do if this law goes into effect in july? marcy: some indiana democrats say the governor's plan to clarify the law's wording fall short of meeting the demands to "fix this now."
4:47 pm
>> the most clear, decisive and understandable thing we can do is to repeal the statute. marcy: the white house questioning the governor's response. the press secretary says pence was wrong in saying the religious freedom act is the same as a federal law passed in 1993 explaining indiana's legislation is much broader and flies in the face of many people's values. marcy gonzalez, abc 7 news. leon: a man in maine decided to donate a kidney to a stranger after seeing her plea for help. pretty unusual one. christine royals used the back window of her car as a billboard in a search for a kidney donor. she did this last november. josh leyton saw it and felt compelled to act. luckily, turns out he was a match. this spring, the father of the 11-month-old twin boys is going to give a kidney to her. >> so i looked at my wife and i said text her and i want to try. i need to try. honestly, it was just a gut reaction. i knew in my heart that it was the right thing to do and i
4:48 pm
think having children really resonated with me. leon: see how many organs that i have in there kidney heart. he says the whole experience is an example for their children that good deeds will go far. the community is also rallying around them by creating a go fund me page for josh is out of work. alison: what a special story. jay-z is shaking up the music industry with a new streaming service. it's called title. it is the first ever artist owned global music and entertainment platform. now, jay-z is teaming up with 16 of the biggest names in music including madonna, rhianna alicia keys coldplay and, of course beyonce in hopes to put control back in the hands of the artists. >> right now, they write the story for us. we need to write the story for ourselves. >> taylor swift pulled her music off spotify late last year because she felt the royalty rate she received from spotify weren't as valuable. alison: so title will have a
4:49 pm
basic membership tier for $10 and a premium membership for $20. leon: a mom's apology on facebook is getting a lot of attention. she found out that her kids were behaving badly at a movie theater. she sent her daughter and stepdaughter to the movies to see "cinderella" with their older brother last weekend. afterwards she found out the girls kicked the seat in front of them and talked through the movie even after another mom asked them not to do that. wood posted an apology on facebook asking for that mother to contact her. wood offered her kids allowance to pay for another movie. >> i was expecting someone to be upset that i approached their daughters and spoke to them. i was shocked that she -- that the mother supported me. >> rebecca is really the hero in this. none of this would have happened had rebecca not said something. leon: the facebook appeal was shared thousands of times including to rebecca boyd. wood followed through with her promise and delivered the apology and the girls' allowance in person. alison: it takes a village,
4:50 pm
right, to raise a kid. leon: and a strong mom. way to go. alison: there you go. leon: coming up ahead here on abc 7 news at 5:00 d.c.'s mayor pushes a plan to give what she calls men and boys of color more opportunities in the city. alison: while the stormwatch 7 team tracks rain in our area, a new perspective on storms and it's from the international space station. that's going to be pretty interesting. that's coming up shortly at 5:00. leon: hope we won't see too many of those bright shiny things popping up around here tonight. doug: possibility we'll get an isolated rumble of thunder or two. not much happening out there. on track for a couple of nice days. so we're in a nice pat he were here even though more rain we're dealing with and dealing with some rain right now. let's get started. we'll start where it's not raining. that's on the beaches of ocean city maryland. a live look from our camera on the boardwalk there. and you notice that it's beautiful. no action there and one of the reasons not many people walking. this could be it feels like it's 44 degrees there now. only 47 degrees on the beach and the boardwalk in ocean city. now, you get away from the
4:51 pm
influence of the water and it's a whole lot better. look at annapolis. they're right on the river at the naval academy. same phenomena. the warm air blowing over the cold air so the air temperatures drop quickly. away from the water it's much nicer. down to 55 in gaithersburg. 57 in frederick because showers have moved through and cooled off the air. it's very pleasant. look it's 74 now in fredricksburg. here comes the rain. we'll be watching this pattern ahead of the cold front. showers moving through the area. most of it fairly light. every now and then there will be a brief heavier downpour. but again, we're tracking and looking at our detection network here and it says zero. so no thunderstorms yet. but we'll keep an eye on it later in the evening. still watching the strong wind gusts, gusting within the hour or to 24 miles per hour. at washington dulles. 31 miles per hour in manassas. and 29 at reagan national airport. and we'll continue to see the wind gusts for a while. the strongest winds are at higher elevations. in fact, the wind advisory has been extended until midnight at elevations above 1500 feet.
4:52 pm
if you live in those areas you know it already. you got the big wind. things will clear out tonight as the front and system move out of here. clear skies by morning and plenty of sunshine tomorrow. look for a couple of clouds at times passing by but generally very pleasant weather. next area of rain not affecting us until sometime on friday. overnight, clearing skies. as the rain ends northerly winds and lows of 37 degrees by morning. lots of sunshine by tomorrow will be cooler than today. highs of 58. as we get through thursday and friday, look at those temperatures. sunshine and clouds move through with another cold front. rain at times through the afternoon and evening. rain should end by the midday. highs of 56. easter sunday looks pleasant for the easter bonnet. are you going to wear an easter bonnet, leon? 63. and the nats play ball, 64 with partly sunny skies. leon: my bonnet is at the cleaners. i'm not going to get at it. doug: i don't want to see you in your bonnet. alison: that was your excuse last year. using that excuse. all right.
4:53 pm
let's get a check on the traffic now. jamie sullivan is here with more. hi jamie. jamie: it's going to be a slow one for you this afternoon in a couple of different spots. i want to start talking beltway. 24 miles per hour for you and this is going ton -- to be an area near cabin john. we're averaging about nine miles per hour and i want to take a live look near the american legion bridge. this is going to give you a great idea of how slow and congested we actually are. again, right near the american legion bridge this is. this is our traffic right now as you can see on the both inner loop and outer loop. so a lot of brake lights. as we move closer to 95 i want to change cameras on you and give you a shot of an accident that we've got. 95 northbound is right near the i.c.c. because of this crash, only averaging about nine miles per hour so let's take a live look at this actual accident on 95. we've got only one lane that is blocked. we'll check back and get a look at that soon. but what i do want to do is show you that the
4:54 pm
baltimore-washington parkway, good option for you. if you're trying to get from d.c. area to baltimore, you'll be slow both 95 and the b.w. parkway. so either one. just hang in there. that's a look at traffic. back to you. alison: thank you very much. up next on abc 7 news at 4:00 new twist in a kidnapping case that's been compared to the movie "gone girl." police say it was a hoax! but find out what the lawyer of the supposed kidnapping victim is now revealing.
4:55 pm
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alison: there's a new twist in the case of that california woman who says she was kidnapped and then released. police say it was all a hoax. the woman's attorney though is explaining what's in an e-mail that he says was sent by her kidnappers. abc's kanya wentworth as the latest. reporter: last week, it was case closed. thought to be a hoax. the kidnapping story out of california leading to comparisons with the movie "gone girl." >> elliott dunn disappeared
4:58 pm
three days ago. reporter: but an alleged 15 page manifesto e-mailed to the san francisco chronicle is revealing a strange story of kidnappers with a conscience. admitting huskins wasn't even their target and expressing regret for snatching her. >> they felt terribly when they discovered it was her. but yet since this was a training mission, they decided to carry it out regardless. reporter: her lawyer says the e-mails say huskins'' kidnapping was part of a dry run. does the e-mail prove that she isn't a liar? her lawyer says yes. >> they talked very extensively about how they prepared for it, what weapons to use. reporter: they describe themselves as a group of three. two with college educations and brag they've been running a carjacking and burglary ring for months. the group won't i.d. itself but says it feels the need to defend
4:59 pm
huskins and her boyfriend against charges from police it was all a hoax. >> mr. quinn and miss huskins has funded valuable resources away from our community. reporter: the e-mail message included a veiled threat if the police department didn't apologize for calling the kidnapping a hoax. leon: a bold escape. two carjackings. >> popped up from the back seat. >> screaming like crazy! leon: an eight-hour man hunt. questions about how the prisoner managed to escape the protocol and who was in charge of it. plus another suspect wanted in a separate crime refused to give up on a local highway. the high speed takedown. as we begin this hour with a man hunt that captivated this region for much of the morning today. wossen assaye was arrested in the district before noon today. this whole incident began this morning early in the hours of
5:00 pm
the morning where he escaped from fairfax inova hospital around 3:00 a.m. getting away from two guards keeping him there. he then carjacked two of the vehicles in annandale and after that the search ended up here in southeast d.c. where 25th street minnesota avenue and pennsylvania avenue all converge in southeast d.c. now, we have got continuing team coverage of this story for you this afternoon beginning with suzanne kennedy at the hospital. we have stephen tschida in southeast where it all ended. but let's begin now with northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg. he is in alexandria. jeff? jeff: leon 42-year-old wossen assaye appeared in federal court this afternoon at 3:30 wearing a white plastic jump suit. heavily shackled and watched over by four deputy u.s. marshals. he was officially charged with escaping the custody of the u.s. attorney general. it started well before the break of dawn. quickly


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